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Arabic Language & Culture

Milano, Cagnola (3)
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  • Foreign languages
  • 2:00 Hours
  • Indoor
  • Partecipanti 2 - 8


Arabic is the first language of hundreds of millions of people in 26 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. The Arabic language has a great history and heritage in the fields of literature, theology and science.

My goal is to dispel the myth that Arabic is a difficult language to learn! Arabic is a melodic, logical and efficient language, and we want to prove that learning Arabic is achievable for everyone, regardless of age or background.

My classes will guide you carefully through a well-structured learning path thats aims toallow you to learn effectively and efficiently.

Cosa è incluso

This is a standard Arabic course (not regionally specific). In this course you will have the chance to

  • Learn how to pronounce Arabic words;
  • Learn how to read and write basic Arabic sentences;
  • Understand the Arabic alphabet
  • Learn basic Arabic vocabulary.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have specific requests about what you would like to learn (business Arabic or situation specific vocabulary).

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- 23 Nov 2016 - 04 : 30 -


"Abbiamo imparato delle l’alfabeto arabo e qualche frase basic. Mi è piaciuto il corso!"

- 05 Nov 2016 - 12 : 41 -


"L’insegnante Marwa, è molto gentile e paziente. Ci ha spiegato alcuni concetti molto interessanti, abbiamo imparato come fare il the marocchino e poi abbiamo imparato alcune frasi. "

- 23 Oct 2016 - 12 : 44 -

Daniela Maria

"Il corso mi è piaciuto, Marwa è un ottima insegnante. L’atmosfera del corso è molto piacevole."